Leave the Party!
Republican or Democrat—leave your party & change everything
April 18, 2012
Fighting a New War—Lessons from Our Past
September 22, 2001

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Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green
The Physics and Physiology of Color and Color Vision.

What's this Great Reality thing all about?
Seeking spirituality

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A literary labor of love

Cinema: Art Born of Technology
Film reviews & other stuff

Confused About Bible Translations?
A simple research tool—links to information on bible versions
It's only here because I didn't find anything like it on the Web.

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You don't like your Congress
But will you change it?
Learn how to create a Congress unlike any you and I have ever seen.

Why Doesn't Your Congress Look Like Your Nation?
43% of you are independent;
less than half a percent of your congress is.

Thumbnail graph images of voter and congressional party alignment

Most Americans Want a 3rd Party
We Need a Think Tank for Independent Political Power
an Open-Source Approach to Politics

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