How Does This Happen?

We Repeatedly Re-Elect
a Congress We Don't Like

You've seen the major polls. Recent congressional approval ratings have hovered between 9% and 16%. By some accounts that's lower than polygamy, prostitution and communism.

People approve of their own congressperson at less than 50%, still not wonderful.

But for decades, more than 85% of Senators and more than 90% of Representatives have been re-elected. That's not likely to change much in 2012.

Related to this phenomenon is that only about 57% of American voters still identify themselves as Democrats or Republicans—most of the rest are independents—but we repeatedly elect a congress that is more than 99% Democrat or Republican.

We recoil at seeing third-world dictatorships vote for corrupt leaders at 90%+ rates. How different is our own behavior?

And How Can It Change?

You know the answer to that. We change it—you and me.

Together, we learn how to elect independent and minor party candidates who actually represent us. Yes—we have to learn how—no one has done it in a century and a half.

That's what this Third Party Think Tank is about. It can happen. It's neither simple nor easy, but it can happen faster than you might think.

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