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How 'bout those Republican Stars?

Muser's Note: The following are readers' comments—not mine. I've stopped posting new comments here, because much of the correspondence I've received is just silly, and some of it has been marginally abusive. No one has offered a reasonable explanation. And the question is only a humorous and inconsequential diversion from the serious issues we face. Thanks, though, to all who took time to write.

interesting -- it is secret code for SATAN -- those are reversed pentagrams -- sign of the devil -- actually on the republican logo...


Here's my take on the upside-down stars on the republican party logo.
They're not upside-down, merely tilted at a 36-degree angle. The logo has a very 70's look to it, I imagine it was designed then. The designer probably thought that tilting the stars gave it a "progressive" look, giving the stars a sense of motion, as opposed to how we are normally used to seeing them - stodgy and staunchly upright.

Bill D

Yes they are upside down, if you look at the example of right side up you will see that from top of the point come down and where the arms  extend out in a straight line, from no other point do the arms extend straight out.

ron gabriel

Bill D is on the right track. The stars aren't upside down, they are tilted (which given that they are five-point equilateral starts, they look upside down). They are tilted to the right, just like the elephant is always facing the right. I hope that helps.


The Muser questions the tilted stars argument:

Nah. I played with the tilt in Photoshop. Rotated 15°, a five-pointed star looks tilted, kinda like it's dancing. At 30°, it looks tilted, maybe like it's about to run a sprint. At 36° it just looks upside-down.


In all truthfulness J is in fact correct....but only partially. The upside down "star" is indeed code for Satan. Secret it's not however....only hidden by the ignorance of those to the fact that symbolism is very real and very powerful....even if you don't believe that....those that use symbolism do believe in it's power. They institute it everywhere. The GOP star is no different than a gangs tag or the Christian cross....symbolism is every bit as powerful as the spoken word. Deny truth and reality at your own peril.........

The GOP changed the star from pointing up to pointing down about 7 years ago!


I was listening to Tom Hartman on Air America Radio when he mentioned this strange phenomenon. He says that the stars were turned upside down after the 2000 [election], and has something to do with Bush stealing the election. It will be interesting to see what happens after the 2008 elections.


The Muser checked into the date argument:
November, 2008

A recent flap about the Republican National Committee defending its trademark for the logo led The Muser to the U.S. Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval database for Trademark No. 1908397. It appears that the current trademark registration was filed in 1993, and registered in 1995. The application cites a first use date in 1969 and includes the rule booklet from the 1972 Republican Convention, complete with upside-down logo stars.

This surely needs some looking into. Hillary had two flags during the NH primaries. One had normal stars, the other had the 'upside down' stars. They are still pictured on her website.

It is very interesting. I would love to know when they were changed and the reason given.
There are several different pictures shown on the website like the one below.

Thought you might find this interesting.


(Muser's note: As of 1/14/08, this image and several others showing the upside-down stars was running as part of a Flash slide show in the center of the page. This image was captured as a screen-grab; I cropped it a bit.)

An anonymous writer suggests that Bush turned the stars upside down, and refers to this website:

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