Family Group Sheet

James Knight Adamson 1927-1898 (father: Joseph)
Malinda Ann Williams Abt 1833-1922


Nancy Ellen Adamson, 1856
William W. Adamson, 1860
Joseph Adamson, 1863
Solomon Adamson, 1865
Abraham Adamson, 1867
Charles "Charley" Adamson, 1869
Thomas Adamson, 1872
Samuel James Adamson, 1876
Cora Adamson, 1879
Unlinked names indicate no known spouse or children.

Note to genealogists: This page is intended primarily for family reunion information. It is not a comprehensive ancestral record. If you're searching for further information about this family, or if you have addional information about any of these people, please contact J. C. Adamson