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Here are a few of my favorite reviews, most of them about very good films.

Maybe one of these will lead you to an enjoyable picture you missed—or protect you from a smelly one!

The Reviews

Writing about film is actually a lot of fun. Most of the 300 or so major movies released each year are pretty poor. But there are dozens of good films — and a few terrific efforts every year.

The films themselves aren't the only topic, though. In the hope of writing intelligently, I research directors, film production, and most interesting of all, the subject matter of many of the movies. I've researched ancient medieval religious traditions, English monarchs, wild bull riding, Kansas City jazz, and countless other subjects. Great occupation for a muser!

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Crouching Tiger, Sleeping Dragon
Kansas City
The Secret of Roan Inish



Little Odessa

Murder in the First


Street Fighter

To Live

Vanya on 42nd Street

What Happened Was...

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