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About Copyrights

U.S. and International copyright law protects intellectual property—basically that is the product of creative work.

A written work is protected as soon as it is created.  No formal registration of copyright, and no specific notice of copyright is necessary to create this protection.

Everything on this web-site is protected by copyright.  Copyright law allows, and I specifically permit you to print out or copy only single copies of small portions of this work, and only for your personal use. 

You may also quote brief passages from these pages, if you properly attribute such quotes to me as the author, and cite the web page address, or provide a link to the page from which you have quoted.

You certainly may link to this site, from your site, or from other electronic media such as e-mail pages.  In fact, if you'd like to make a link to a sub-page on this site, or even to a specific sentence or paragraph within a page, just contact me at: , and I'll help you set it up.  

But you may not reproduce or distribute anything from these pages, and you may not copy material from this site to your own website or other form of publication, except as specifically permitted above..

In practice, this means you can print out a page or two from this site if you'd rather read on paper than from the screen, or you may temporarily store a page or two if you'd rather read offline than online.  But you may not collect or permanently store such material, you may not make additional copies, and you may not give or send copies to anyone.  If you want to share any of this material with others, either link them to the site, or provide them with the address, so they can access it directly.

Please contact the Muser by e-mail if you need to acquire rights other than those specifically granted to you on this page.  E-mail to:

The penalties for copyright infringement can be severe.  Just as The Internet makes it easy to distribute information, it also makes it easy to find illegal usage of material.  The Muser will prosecute substantive violation of copyright on these materials.

Thank you for respecting the legal rights of the Muser, and of all others who create. 

J. C. Adamson


copyright © 2010, J. C. Adamson