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Confused About Bible Translations?
With Good Reason!

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of bible versions in the marketplace. And I'm poorly qualified to steer you through them—so I won't try

If you have reason to read a bible, perhaps it makes sense to pay a little attention to the one you use—just as it makes sense to pay attention to which dictionary you use, or which newspapers you read. I urge caution; there is a lot of bias, dogma and hyperbole in the discussion of bibles. But here are some things you might research if you are curious about which are reliable, which are readable, and how they compare:

Considerations in Evaluating Bible Versions
I don't recommend a definitve source of information on these topics.
Google the topics, and use your own judgment.

  • Translations
    • Literal translations (word-for-word)
    • Non-literal translations (thought-for-thought, or meaning-for-meaning)
  • Paraphrases (not translations; just re-wordings)
  • Source texts
  • Old vs. new translations

(For example, a Google search for "literal bible translations" will yield more than a million hits, and the first twenty or so will provide a decent survey of the topic.)

Some Lists of Bible Versions
Some of these sites have comparison information. I don't endorse any of them. Again, use your own judgment.

The only reason this page exists is because I didn't find one like it on the Web.

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