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Keep the Senate Filibuster

"...with the advice and consent of the Senate..."
The Constitution of the United States

In this context, consent implies the pursuit of consensus.

Democracy perishes if the majority crushes the minority. True democracy employs the wisdom of all to find the best course for all.

No tyranny—not even the tyranny of the majority—can ever accomplish that.

When tyrants lose power—and they always do—they are despised, defeated and destroyed. Only consensual democracy creates the possibility of power changing hands without wreckage and destruction.

If this nation loses its consensual democracy, and we are perilously close to losing it, we lose all that we are and ever have been.

“...what affects all, by all should be approved...”
King Edward I, in a message calling the first parliament, in 1295


copyright © 2010, J. C. Adamson