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What? Joe Worry?

If Joe Lieberman had health insurance like you and I have, it would never have paid to fix his ears, teeth and lower lip. Pre-existing conditions, you know.

Illustration: Alfred E Neuman, 1956Senator Joe Lieberman, looking remarkably like a grown-up version of Neuman

OK, I don't usually stoop to, or even appreciate insult humor. But, really now, how can Joe Lieberman continue to call himself a Democrat, when he threatens to filibuster the health care bill. How can even Nancy Pelosi continue to claim being a Democrat in the current circumstances.

The public option was the compromise position for Democrats, already far weaker than what ordinary Americans actually need and deserve. Nothing less is even meaningful.

I've been voting for Democrats for more than four decades, but if we don't get a viable health care bill now—with a Democrat in the white house, and both houses of Congress as firmly in Democratic control as they're likely ever to be—I don't think I can ever vote for any Democrat again.

Image notes:

The image on the left was painted by the great illustrator, Norman Mingo, in 1956, when Joe Lieberman was fourteen years old. This low-resolution version is used under the fair use provisions of U. S. copyright law. The image on the right is in the public domain.


copyright © 2010, J. C. Adamson